Credit Cards are Debt Cards

Almost half of Canadians who have credit card debt, say they always or often carry an outstanding balance. In reality, your credit card is a debt card and 12% of Canadians are merely making their minimum payments. That’s not nearly enough.

If you’re one of the 12% who can’t make more than the minimum payment, or if you have more credit debt than you think you can handle, call us today. You have other options. We can help.

The Process to Purchasing Vehicle Coverage

Insurance is a necessity for vehicle owners. It is required by law to have this type of coverage and protection for every vehicle on the road. There are many offers for customers to take advantage of. The services and plans offered to customers can be regulated to meet their financial needs. The plans vary depending on the customer’s needs and affordability. There are a variety of plans are regulated by state requirements, but are geared around individual needs and services. An insurance agent who specializes in auto insurance coverage can assist with the process of getting a plan set up and started. This allows customers to decide on the options they have and what costs that they need to pay up front. The agents can give quotes for installments that will benefit each customer.

There are many Barrie car insurance agents available to help customers get established an insurance and work out coverage that they can use. The coverage can depend on several factors that depend on the customer who needs the plan. Some of the factors that can be considered when purchasing an insurance plan are an individual’s driving record. If the person has had auto accidents, fines, tickets, or other auto problems then this could increase the price they will pay. The reason the price will increase with a bad driving record is because that individual would be considered a high-risk client.

Another factor that is determined when purchasing car insurance is if a person has a car loan or not. If the individual does have a car loan that is currently being paid, then they may be required to carry a higher amount of insurance. Often times this is referred to as full coverage insurance. The reasons that a person who has a car loan would be required to carry this much insurance is because they don’t technically own the vehicle yet. The bank wants to ensure the vehicle is completely covered while they still own the vehicle.

The process to purchase this type of coverage can be done in little time. Once the agent has the quote calculated then the customer can decide whether to pay for the coverage or not. If they decide the quote and coverage is a good fit; the plan can be completed the same day in most cases. Being able to obtain this type of plan is simple when working with the proper agent.